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The Story Behind the project

Well apart from a need to do nerdy stuff.

I needed a way to securely access services outside my home network the easiest way to do this would have been to create a simple VPN and end it there.
But almost never do the easy stuff so I ended with this config you can learn more about here.

While my config is far more complex than a simple VPN.
It has a major advantage as I can use subdomains. It's far easier to remember the service's address than its IP.

Why A Website ?

the initiative to create this site stems from 3 distinct needs and envy:

The first is my selfish envy to "own" a little square on the internet to serve as a resume of sorts.

The second is to help my different friends find and use the service I put out there! It avoids me needing to send 1000 different URLs. I can just tell them to go there and find what they need!

The last is the most important. It's just fun and I wanted to talk about nerdy stuff! 🤓

The Future

This project being half born as a uni assignment mean, that it's not fully feature complete, yet. While for now, this website is static with a few pages of content.
I eventually, want to add a full backend to allow for easy account creation & management for my friends across the network.

This, of course, means at least 3 endpoints to a restful API (One for login, one for account creation, one for privileges check (what is available to a specific user)).
While the account creation endpoint would be only usable by me it would simplify the whole account creation process. While the other two would help friends and other authorized users to see what they can access and modify their login credentials to either this site or individual services.

In parallel to this deployment stronger logging, and new security measures would be put in place. Those would be used to detect and block unauthorized access to diverse services. with real-time mitigation and alert. (While I would want to nerd even more about a hypothetical update to this website this could be a security risk so I will refrain from doing so!)